Use arrow keys to race around the house and get to Coots  before other players do. 

On each round, half of the players get eliminated.
Survive all the rounds and become the CHAMPION!


  • Enter your name, pick your emote and a color for your car.  
  • Wait for the current game to end.
  • Each round, a text will be shown hinting where Coots  is at the moment.
  • If Coots  is out of your screen, you will see an indicator showing where it is.
  • Drift your way through the obstacles and reach coots.
  • If you reach Coots earlier than half of the players, you are qualified for the next round.
  • If you cannot reach Coots  in 24 Seconds, you are eliminated.


Everyone plays on the same server.

Instructions to run your own private server can be found on github

Alternatively, use downloadable version where you can play against bots :)


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yes it is a kuviman game



did it with the same team we did flashdark btw