Find objects hidden in plain sight

Click on all required objects to win

Drag to move camera

Scroll to zoom


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The dream of any game developer is to make easter eggs on your own games :)


Very polished game for a game jam, looks good and cute, no bug (like, the crabs go behind the trees)!

Only downsides:
- I'm not that found of "find stuff in this picture" kind of game, I would have preferred a twist on it, but that's subjective and it fits the theme
- The music loop is very short, I like it but it gets repetitive very quickly
- The "success" sound could be a bit more different than the "nothing here" sound


This game is my personal favorite of the game jam. It's pleasant to listen to, if a bit repetitive, beautiful, and makes me feel very nostalgic. I used to spend hours doing "where's waldo" or those games on the back of kids magazines when I was young.


Nice game. But it's unhealthy to stair at the screen for a long time... Never the less the crabs were cute.